14WS All Star Registration

All Star Registration has closed.  Thanks for your participation.

  • Player registration will open at 4:00pm Thursday July 18th at Fields #10-13. Final field and dugout assignments will be given at registration. 
  • Due to City of Columbus adult leagues, the All Star Games will be played on Fields  19, 22, 24, 25, 26 and 28.
  • Please be checked in, wearing your jersey and in your dugout by 4:30pm to meet your teammates and warm up.
  • It is the players' responsibility to get warmed up.  We will provide practice balls.  There will be no warm ups on the field.  Please go to the outfield beyond the home run fences to warm up.  You will be able to identify your teammates by jersey color.  Pitchers find catchers and other positions match up to throw.  We also recommend soft toss to get warmed up.  We do not want parents or travel ball coaches participating in these warm ups.  The college coaches will be watching all of this.  Show your initiative, teamwork and leadership by getting yourself and your teammates warmed up as necessary.
  • All Star coaches will be given lineups and will meet you in your dugout 10 minutes before your game start time.  Please be warmed up and ready to go by this time.
  • The purpose of these games is to display your skills, play with the best athletes in the tournament, and have fun!  Winning the game is irrelevant.  Your All Star Coach will have a roster.  Players will not be allowed to switch positions.  Batting order will remain the same.  Pitchers can chose if they want to bat or not.  For pitchers and catchers, if there are 2 of you on a team, each will play 3 innings.  Pitchers if there are 3 of you on a team, you will each pitch 2 innings.
  • Talk with your All Star Coach before your game to let him/her know what skills you would like to demonstrate.  For example, if you are a slap bunter, you may slap regardless of the situation.