Buckeye Showdown RecruitFest All Star Game Information Page

All-Star Games Details

  • The All-Star games will take place at Berliner Park at Fields #10-13 after the clinic on Thursday July 4th. The times will be approximately 5:30 PM until about 8:15 PM. The reason we are having All-Star games immediately after the clinic is that many college coaches are limited in their number of recruiting days. Some coaches just attend the clinic, and they don't want to use an extra day of their day limit, so they just leave after the camp. This way it allows those college coaches to stay longer during the same day without affecting their limit, and allows the coaches to see the prospects in a game situation. (However you DO NOT have to be in the camp to participate in the All-Star games).
  • As college coaches prefer to recruit by graduation year, teams will be consist of players graduating the same year.  We expect to have 4 teams of 2019 graduates, 6 teams of 2020 graduates and 2 teams of 2021 graduates and 2 teams of 2022 graduates however this may change based on nominations.  We divide the teams in this way to give the players closest to graduating the best opportunity to be seen by the college coaches.  We will accept 2023 and beyond graduates, but they will only be placed after all of the 2021 and 2022 nominees have been placed. 
  • The All-Star teams will be coached by college coaches/players when possible. If not enough are available, we will use former college coaches or former players. Many college coaches will be at the Buckeye Showdown RecruitFest Player Development and Recruiting Clinic, and this will give the players the enjoyment of experiencing what it is like to be coached by an actual college coach, or someone that has college softball experience.
  • Because the tournament has over 200 teams, coaches of each team at the 14u, 16u, and 18u age groups can nominate up to 4 players.  First nominees will be placed first, then second nominees and so on.  This means your best player should be your 1st nominee, your next best player should be your 2nd nominee and so on.  If your player is selected and is not able to play, you will not replace that player with another nominee from your team.  That position goes back into the pool of applicants to be awarded. We realize that will be difficult for the travel ball coaches to select, but we only have limited fields. We feel you know your players better than we do, and wanted it to be fair to every team.
  • Each All-Star team will consist of a maximum of 12 players - 3 pitchers, 2 catchers, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 shortstop, 1 3rd baseman and 3 outfielders. Each pitcher will pitch approximately 2-3 innings, each catcher will catch approximately half the game, and each other position will play the entire game. All players will bat unless they choose not to. Players should be nominated to one of the above positions and will not switch positions during the game.
  • Nominees will be selected based on nomination designation, field position, graduating year, softball accomplishments as well as school and non - school related activities, including appropriate weight given to their GPA.
  • The cost for each player involved in the All-Star games will be $55 and includes an All Star team jersey to be worn during the All Star game. Please do not send in any money with the nominations. Nominations will only be accepted by filling out the form below by June 14th. The accepted nominees will be notified by June 19th (NOT BEFORE) and will have until June 26th to accept their nominations and pay their fee, or decline the nomination. The nominees that were not accepted will also be notified by June 19th (NOT BEFORE).
  • Another advantage of the games is that it gives the girls a chance to meet and play with girls from different states and other teams. They will find out that these girls are not “the enemy” but rather just other girls that have the same interests as they do. Perhaps they will even play in college together!

All Star Game Day Instructions - Tentative Instructions.  Final instructions will be emailed out to confirmed All Stars.
  • When you get to the fields, please check in at player registration to pick up your packet and your team jersey.  Player registration will open at 4:00pm at Fields #10-13. 
  • 5:30pm All Stars, please be checked in, wearing your jersey and in your dugout by 5:00pm to meet your teammates and warm up.  7:00pm All Stars, please be checked in, wearing your jersey and in the outfield (beyond the temporary fences) of your assigned field on the foul line of your dugout by 6:30pm.  Any player not checked in 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of their game will forfeit their spot.
  • It is the players' responsibility to get warmed up.  We will provide practice balls.  There will be no warm ups on the field.  Please go to the outfield beyond the home run fences to warm up.  You will be able to identify your teammates by jersey color.  Pitchers find catchers and other positions match up to throw.  We also recommend soft toss to get warmed up.  We do not want parents or travel ball coaches participating in these warm ups.  The college coaches will be watching all of this.  Show your initiative, teamwork and leadership by getting yourself and your teammates warmed up as necessary.
  • All Star coaches will be given lineups and will meet you in your dugout 10 minutes before your game start time.  Please be warmed up and ready to go by this time.
  • The purpose of these games is to display your skills and play with the best athletes in the tournament.  Winning the game is irrelevant.  Your All Star Coach will have a roster.  Players will not be allowed to switch positions.  Batting order will remain the same.  Pitchers can chose if they want to bat or not.  For pitchers and catchers, if there are 2 of you on a team, each will play 3 innings.  Pitchers if there are 3 of you on a team, you will each pitch 2 innings.

  • Talk with your All Star Coach before your game to let him/her know what skills you would like to demonstrate.  For example, if you are a slap bunter, you may slap regardless of the situation. 
  • Have fun!  You are not just displaying your skills as an athlete.  You are demonstrating to college coaches your attitude, sportsmanship and heart.