Recruiting Information

We feel the Buckeye Showdown is the premier College Recruiting Tournament in the Midwest.  With over 400 college coaches contacts, a specific college coach requested format including skill demonstrations, over 200 college recruiting age teams at one complex, and very college coach-friendly tournament amenities, we feel we create the best recruiting tournament environment for both college coaches and prospective recruits.  

We know that is why the majority of you are here.  But gone are the days of some college coach randomly looking at your field, seeing a play and offering you a full ride by the time you get to the dugout.  There is just too much talent out there.  We surveyed hundreds of college coaches and the number one reason for over 80% of them to attend a tournament is BECAUSE A PLAYER/ATHLETE HAD CONTACTED THEM AND INFORMED THEM THEY WERE INTERESTED IN PLAYING SOFTBALL AT THEIR SCHOOL AND THAT THEY WERE PLAYING IN A SPECIFIC TOURNAMENT.  How big the tournament is?  Doesn’t matter as much.  Whether or not the coaches get  free food.?  Not even in the top 5.  Even how centrally located the tournament is?  Not the number 1 answer.  By far the most motivating factor in getting a college coach to attend a tournament is WHETHER THEY HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY A PLAYER IN THAT TOURNAMENT.  If you want a college coach to come to your game, it is your responsibility to let them know where you are.

We know this whole process can be confusing and intimidating.  So we have compiled a list for players, parents and travel ball coaches of what we think are the best resources out there for navigating this process.

We hope you find this information helpful.  We do our absolute best to make our tournament as accommodating and enjoyable for college coaches as we possibly can.  From offering state of the art technology to make recruiting easier, to designating a space behind home plate at every field for only college coaches, to refreshments and transportation from field to field, we want the college coaches to continue regard the Buckeye Showdown as a premiere recruiting event.  But to get them to see you, that’s each individual players’ responsibility. So don’t come this far and miss the most important step.