Capitol City Showdown

Welcome to the Capitol City "Bat Wars" 7 Game Guarantee Showdown!

June 5, 6 and 7, 2015

We are happy again to partner with the Bat Wars extravaganza from Florida. It is the ONLY LOCATION in the country that they will offer it to girls fastpitch this summer, and we are proud to host them as we think this will make the tournament one for the girls to remember.  Please click here to go to the Bat Wars web site.  

Those that were with us last year, you'll remember they have four pitching machines set up pitching constantly, over 2500 balls, dozens of shaggers, many Fastpitch related giveaways, and over 150 bats for the girls to try - all at no cost! What a great experience for the girls and what a chance to try out in live action so many different bats to see what works best for them - again all at no cost.

Combine this with a guaranteed 7 games for all teams (except 10u teams who get 5 games guaranteed for $415), 90 minute games, games no earlier than noon on Friday and no later than 6:00p on Sunday, pool winners advancing, and we promise a good time for all.

So we invite you to come to a fun and competitive softball event.

Tournament Information

  • Capitol City Showdown Format - Each of the winners of the two pools from each age group will advance to a championship game.  These will be the only 2 teams from each age group that will advance as there will be no bracket play.  This allows almost every team to know when and where their games are the entire weekend and therefore make travel and other plans accordingly.  With the ability to bat the entire line-up and free substitution in the field, it is a perfect format for teams to experiment with what they have and determine how they will play the rest of the year.  
  • The 14U, 16U and 18U divisions will be allowed to wear metal cleats on all fields including the turf fields.  Berliner Park has made this exception for our tournament.  HOWEVER BERLINER PARK DOES REQUIRE THAT ALL PITCHERS WHO PITCH ON TURF FIELDS (FIELDS 1, 4, 5, 10-17) CANNOT WEAR METAL CLEATS WHILE PITCHING.  TURF CLEATS, PLASTIC CLEATS, RUBBER CLEATS AND SNEAKERS ARE ALLOWED.
The City of Columbus and Berliner Park have implemented a new "Heads in Beds" program in 2015 for their Baseball, Fastpitch, and Adult Softball tournaments. They are doing it to more accurately reflect the number of visitors and participants they have in their various events, and the economic impact they have on the City. They use this information, and other information, in determining their funding from the City for improvements to the Park. They experimented with it last year, and there were numerous delays for many of the teams at registration as we had to get the correct information for them. This year the gathering of the proper information DIRECTLY affects the cost of the fields for us, which DIRECTLY affects the cost of your entry fee. To keep the entry fees at a minimum, we are going to do the following --
ALL TEAMS will use our team travel coordinator group, Traveling Teams, to work with all teams that are coming from out of town. If you are coming from out of town, you will be required to book through the coordinator, but you can stay wherever you would like. If you are local team ( within 70 miles ), you just have to tell them. They will keep track of all the information that Columbus requires.  THE LINK WILL BE ACTIVE ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST. The process will work like this --
1. First of all there is no additional cost to you.

2. You will be guaranteed the lowest rate available, either through the hotel or on the Internet.

3. Most importantly, you will be able to pick the hotel/motel that you would like to stay at during the tournament.  On their website you will have 20 - 30 hotels listed with the range of prices and accommodations for each tournament, as well as the hotel's distance from Berliner Park. If you don't see anything that you like, the last listing will enable you to pick the hotel you would like to stay at, and they will try to make the reservations for you at that hotel -- still guaranteeing the lowest rates.

4. You can make the reservations directly on the Internet through TRAVELING TEAMS WEB SITE, or if you prefer the travel coordinator will gladly take your call.

5. They will have someone available 24 hours a day to handle any problems you may have, before or during your stay.

6. Because of the increasing number of teams we have entering the tournaments from out of town, and the increasing requests for hotel recommendations, we think it will be a great service for the out of town teams -- especially the teams that are new to the tournament. But for everyone it will keep the cost of the tournaments at a reasonable level. And again most importantly, you can stay wherever you would like at the guaranteed lowest price.

Thanks again for your understanding as we implement this new policy as required by the City of Columbus.
  • Capitol City Showdown Entry Form - Fastpitch Showdowns does not accept entry into any tournament without a completed entry form and at least a $100 deposit.  We do accept credit cards for payment.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
    • $25 discount to all first time NFCA Members.  Please click here to download membership form.  Membership form MUST be mailed to Fastpitch Showdowns with your entry form for discount to apply.  Discount will be applied to one tournament during the 2014 season.
  • Capitol City Showdown Rules - These are the tentative rules for the tournament.  Final rules will be in the coach's packet which must picked up at registration at the start of the tournament.
  • Recruiting Tools
  • CaptainU is a service designed to help players and teams maximize their exposure to college coaches.   Participating with CaptainU is not a requirement of the tournament, but those that choose to will be included in the player profile book they will create and send to college coaches.   They also offer some premium paid features that you have the choice to opt-into if you are looking for additional help through the recruiting process.  But no one is under any obligation to do so and you have the choice to stick with the free tools for as long as you like.
  • Team Managers - Links posted December 1
  • Athletes - Links posted December 1
  • College Coaches - Links posted December 1
  • Have questions? Contact:
  • Directions to the fields - Lou Berliner Park, 325 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus OH 43223 
    • We are proud to host the tournament at the Lou Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio.  The complex is the largest in the United States, with 31 fields all in one location.  You do not have to park out in front and walk to the fields as the complex has adequate parking close to each field!!  Berliner Park and the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Department is proud of their reputation in the fastpitch community and continues to make improvements.  Among other things, they now have 11 turf fields (called FieldTurf - the same surface that has been installed at the University of Louisville) which will make more turf fields than any single location in the Midwest. This will allow even more teams to play immediately after the rain stops.  It is the next step in their long range plan of continuous improvements to the Park.  In 2015, metal cleats will be allowed on both the turf and dirt fields at the 14U, 16U and 18U divisions - with the exception of pitchers on the turf fields.
  • At Fastpitch Showdowns, we believe in the safety of all players comes first.  All of our tournament staff is certified in the CDC Concussion Training Course.  Because we realize many coaches would like to be more knowledgable about the developments in this area, we are happy to provide a link to the FREE CDC Heads Up Online Concussion Training Course.  Hopefully you will find this beneficial and we encourage all those involved with fastpitch softball to use this valuable resource.
  • If, as in every previous year, the tournament sells out, all schedules and pools will be emailed to the coaches at least 30 days before the tournament.  If you believe you are registered for the tournament and you have not received the schedule by then, please let us know.