Dayton 2 Day 8 Game Tune Up

Welcome to the Dayton Tune Up 2 Day 8 Game Guarantee Showdown!

May 27 and 28, 2017

Do you think how can we do it -  8 games in 2 days !!!  Well let me tell you. This is the format that has been done by some friends in Texas, and they say the girls love it. The idea is that you get multiple games in a short period of time, and because of the special rules the girls must concentrate the whole time.

Here are the special rules for this tournament -

1. It would be an 8 game guarantee. ( 6 g/g for 10u )
2. The biggest difference is that the games would be 60 minutes from actual start time, drop dead.
3. The batter would finish her at bat when the drop dead time occurs.
4. The last bat will start when a batter enters the batting box.
5. There will be no pregame umpire meeting to determine who is home team, or to explain the rules.
6. The batter will start with a 1-1 count.
7. Each 1/2  inning will start with a runner at first. (the last out)
8. The pitcher will be allowed three warm-up pitches the first inning, and just one pitch warm-up in subsequent innings. (Same with a new pitcher)
9. There will be no infield/outfield warm-up after the  first inning.
10. The batter must keep 1 foot in the box at all times.
11. A maximum of 15 seconds between pitches - otherwise a "ball" is called.
12. There will be 6 run maximum per 1/2 inning at 10u. ( No catch up rule )
13. In the last 15 minutes of game there will be no catcher/player and pitcher conference.
14. In the last 15 minutes there will be no coach/pitcher conference unless the pitcher is changed.
15. The format ideally will be 6 pool games and then 2 bracket games.

And according to the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), you are eligible to participate on this weekend if your high school season is over and you are not still participating in the Ohio high school state tournament.  So we welcome all teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U.

We think it will be fun for the girls, and at the same time give them lots of game exposure to get them ready for the upcoming season. As usual there will be free substitution in the field, and you can bat your entire roster if you like. And it will just be Saturday and Sunday, which leaves Memorial Day for everyone to enjoy with their family.  So we invite everyone to come out and give this format a try and at the same time be able to be home for the holiday.  If you enter this tournament and the Capital City Showdown in Columbus the following weekend, you will play 15 quality games in before the 5th of June.  That should be a great preparation for the summer season.

***********  EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 2017 *************

This year we're very excited to announce something new for all Fastpitch Showdown tournaments. This year we have reached an agreement with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association  (NFCA)  to offer all coaches (at 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U) who sign up for a Fastpitch Showdowns tournament before April 1st and who are not already NFCA members, a complimentary one-year trial membership in NFCA !  We feel the NFCA is by far the best organization working to grow softball, and the benefits of a membership are many (click here for a list of benefits). Most importantly, we feel the many opportunities they offer to make you a better coach – drills, educational videos and books, instructional manuals, monthly tips, practice plans, coaches clinics, exclusive "Coaching Tools", etc. – will help grow the sport of softball in our area, and make your experience as a coach more effective and more enjoyable. As a coach you are a teacher first, and they offer the knowledge and experience for you to continue to grow. It is up to you to take advantage of what they offer, but we wanted to give all of the coaches that participate in our tournaments the opportunity to do so.

Your membership will be activated during the first 2 weeks of the month following your Fastpitch Showdown Tournament registration and will be good for 1 year.  We think that you will find the membership so beneficial that you will renew your membership on your own the following year.

Tournament Information
  • Kettering Field, 444 North Bend Blvd., Dayton, OH  45404
  • We are pleased to offer free text/email alerts to all coaches, parents, fans and players.  To sign up for free tournament and weather updates, please go to then follow these instructions.  Standard text and data rates apply.

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                      6)  Click "Subscribe".  That's
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  • Dayton Tune Up Showdown Registration  - 10u - 6GG - $425 / 12u-18u - 8GG - $475
    1. All Registrations and payments must be done online.  We no longer accept mail in payments or registrations.
    2. To register,  please click on the link above
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  • This year we have partnered with Traveling Teams to be our official hotel coordinator. We believe that their low price guarantee and personalized 24/7 support service offer the best service to our teams. Here is how the process will work. 
1. First of all there is no additional cost to you.

2. You will be guaranteed the lowest rate available, either through the hotel or on the Internet.

3.  Their website should have 8-12 hotels listed with a range of prices and accommodations for each team from which to choose. They will also list the distance from Kettering Field for each hotel. If you don't see anything you like, there is a listing on their website that will enable you to pick the hotel you would like to stay at, and they will try to make the reservations for you at that hotel - still negotiating a low rate. Then as teams pick and are confirmed for other hotels, those hotels will be added to the list. We would eventually like to get to approximately 20 or more hotels in Dayton, so that the teams will have a wide variety of choices and accommodations.
4. To request a block of rooms, please click on the link here.  It is a very simple process that will only take you a few minutes.

5. They will have someone available 24 hours a day to handle any problems you may have, before or during your stay.

6. Because of the increasing number of teams we have entering the tournament from out of town, and the increasing requests for hotel recommendations, we think it will be a great service for the out of town teams -- especially the teams that are new to the tournament.  And again most importantly, you can stay wherever you would like at the guaranteed lowest price.
  • The City of Dayton sometimes collects an admission fee so please be prepared.  It is usually very reasonable - last year it was $3 per day - but we just wanted you to be aware.
  • At Fastpitch Showdowns, we believe in the safety of all players comes first.  All of our tournament staff is certified in the CDC Concussion Training Course.  Because we realize many coaches would like to be more knowledgeable about the developments in this area, we are happy to provide a link to the FREE CDC Heads Up Online Concussion Training Course.  Hopefully you will find this beneficial and we encourage all those involved with fastpitch softball to use this valuable resource.
  • If the tournament sells out, all schedules and pools will be emailed to the coaches at least 30 days before the tournament.  If you believe you are registered for the tournament and you have not received the schedule by then, please let us know.
If you have any questions on this tournament, please contact us at