North American All Sanctioned World Series - 16U, 18U, and 18+ - July 15, 16 and 17, 2016




Below are the final brackets from the North American All-Sanctioned World Series.  These are for informational purposes only.  These are the results as they were reported to us as of 8pm on Sunday.  Due to the fact that we are in the middle of our tournament season, no brackets will be changed for any reason.  We apologize if there are any mistakes.  Thanks for your understanding.


Over $31,500 was raised by teams this year through the Raffle Ticket Fundraiser!

Congratulations to our $3000 Grand Prize Winner: 

Marilyn Hill who bought her winning ticket from the Queens of Diamonds

Congratulations to our $100 Winners: 

 Lynda Litton 
 KY 14u Magic
 Laurie Ziga 
18U Wixom Bandits
 Wayne Vanderploy Wisconsin Bandits 12U John Shaetz 
WI Bandits
Bill Wenstak
SPC Hot Sox 
Judy Emery
SPC Hot Sox 
Louis Calevro
10U Wizards Gold 
 Mike Lemmons
VE Shock
Valerie Menzie
Fort Wayne Freeze 
Angela Titus
GF Titans 
Geoff Hool
10U Rage 
 Rob Aumann
12U Bandits Red
Jean Adams 
 Kenneth Resler
 Jeff Bird
Bob Garranione
 Kim Hardman
Leesburg Revolution
Melissa Hool
Rage 10U 
Dan Bercaw
Barbara Long
Lady Stormers 
Tim Smith
10U Freeze 
NY Diamond Girls 
 Joel Kell
Franklin Fury Blue
 Tammy Nolan
 Brenda Pronse
WV Lady Eers
Dan Bryant
Blue Wave 16u 
Donna Boatwright
Indy Eagles 
C. Knapp
Derek Bercaw
Korin Karol
Fraser Fury 
Kenny Dowden
 Dan Bryant
Bluewave 16U
 Jim Murray
Revolution 14U
Eric Merk
Buckeye Elite 
Gilmore Bowl 
 Greg Flotte
STL Stingers
Angela McGaughey
Capital City Crush 
Frank Speciale
Wixom Bandits 
Gary Meredith
 Kathy Hirsck
Indy Diamonds

Thank you to everyone who supported the teams in their fundraiser this year!


Welcome to the information page for the North American All Sanctioned World Series for all 16U, 18U, and  18+ teams!

Thank you for all of your support! We are currently SOLD OUT at all age groups.   If you are interested in being put on the waiting list for any  age group, please let Bill know at  Please indicate the age group and tournament that your are interested in as part of your email.

Fastpitch Showdowns is excited to announce that we will again host a "Player Development and Recruiting Clinic" in 2016 before the North American All Sanctioned World Series for 16U, 18U and 18+.  The clinic will be held Thursday July 14th from approximately 9am to 5pm. We will have college coaches and assistants in attendance to instruct the players on the skills that college coaches are looking for in potential recruits, followed in the afternoon by games coached by the college coaches (while still giving them instructions).  This concept is being done in other parts of the country, and we are proud to offer it to the players in the Midwest.  Players register to play a specific position in the Clinic.  Space is limited by position.  We will accept a maximum of 96 players in the Clinic - 24 @ Pitcher, 16 @ Catcher, 8 @ 1st Base, 8 @ 2nd Base, 8 @ Shortstop, 8 @ 3rd Base and 24 @ Outfield.   For additional preliminary information on the Clinic, please go to our Player Development and Recruiting Clinic Page.

  • Universities and Colleges confirmed as of 5/15/16 - Many other colleges and universities have been contacted and the coaches have expressed their interest but will not know their recruiting schedule until some time in May.  This list is subject to change.  We will update this list as more schools confirm.

    • Bluffton College
    • Wheeling Jesuit University
    • Eastern Indiana University
    • Mount Joseph College
    • Indiana Tech University
    • Lake Erie College
    • Ohio Christian University
    • Transylvania College
    • Eastern Michigan University
    • Gannon University
    • Valdosta State University
    • Siena Heights University
    • Bethany College
    • Norfolk State University
    • University of Northwestern Ohio
  • Universities and Colleges that participated in 2015.
    • Ohio Christian University
    • Wittenberg University
    • Denison University
    • University of Northwest Ohio
    • Walsh University
    • Lake Erie College
    • Ohio Dominican
    • Ferris State University
    • University of Rio Grande
  • Lou Berliner Park, 325 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus OH 43223 
  • We are pleased to offer free text/email alerts to all coaches, parents, fans and players.  To sign up for free tournament and weather updates, please go to then follow these instructions.  Standard text and data rates apply.

1)  Click the link above or copy and paste it in your browser.

                      2)  Click on the Subscribe tab.
                      3)  Then click on the empty box next to your tournament(s).

                      4)  Leave the "All Teams" box checked.

                      5)  Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out your name, email(s) and/or cell phone number.  Then select your cellphone provider.

                      6)  Click "Subscribe".  That's
it!  You will not receive a message from us until the night before or the morning of the first day of the tournament.

Open to all sanctioned teams - ASA, USSSA, PONY, TRIPLE CROWN, NAFA, AAU, AFA, USFA, or any other recognized sanctioning body.

Are you tired of wondering all summer if you'll earn a World Series bid or if you know the right people? And then if you get a bid, you have to pay an exorbitant fee to enter (or an exorbitant admission charge) for a minimum number of games and play 1 game a day for 3 days while those hotel bills mount up? Well, so was I.

We use a format where each team will play a minimum of 5 games in 3 days (18+ Saturday and Sunday only.). And you don't have to worry about qualifying as the only condition is that you finish in the top 10 of any tournament you were in this year or last year (ie - no rec. teams). Also, no admission fee is charged to your fans..... (the city of Columbus does collect a minimal parking fee.)  Last year, we had over 100 teams at 16u and over 50 teams at 18u that enjoyed our tournament. 

Our goal is to make the tournament as fun as possible for the greatest number of players.  So throughout the tournament, coaches can bat up to the entire lineup if they choose, and there is free substitution in the field in both pool and bracket play.  This will make it possible for every girl on the team to enjoy the tournament. After pool play, each pool will be divided into the top half and bottom half.   All of the top half finishers will go into the Platinum Bracket and the bottom half finishers will go into the Gold Bracket.  These two brackets will not meet. There will be medals and trophies for the winners of each bracket. That way even if the team did not do well in pool play they will have a chance to win their division.  By following this format there will be no more 1st seeds playing 8th seeds in the first round of bracket play.  Those games are not fun for either team.

We will have the same amenities you'd expect at a World Series -

  * Opening Ceremonies --   We welcome all teams that are participating in the tournament to be a part of the Opening Ceremonies. (Please note that participation is optional and at no cost to the team.)  Opening Ceremonies will consist of a variety of events including a parade of teams and skill competitions. For logistical reasons, we request that teams pre-register for all Opening Ceremonies events. The Opening Ceremonies will start Friday, July 15 at 8:30 AM at Berliner Park.  The Parade of Teams will start at 8:30 AM followed by the Skill Competitions.  All events on Friday morning, including Tournament Check-in, will be at Fields #10-13.  In order to set up the Opening Ceremonies, the gates to the fields will not be open until 7:30AM.  We ask all team participating in the Parade of Teams to be at the fields by 8:00AM.  The concession stand will be available throughout opening ceremonies, but families are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy while watching the events. Games will start on Friday immediately following the completion of the skills competitions. (Approximately at 12 noon).
  • Parade of Teams - All teams are invited to come in uniform, costumes or street clothes and be introduced over the PA system at 8:30 AM Friday. Teams will be introduced by age group.
  • Skills Competitions Description and Rules - All teams are invited to participate in our Skills Competition events.  Teams are permitted 2 entries per individual event and 1 entry per team event.  We would like to give more girls an opportunity but the reason we limit the number of participants is so that we do the skill events in an efficient manner.  Thanks for your understanding and please let your players know that only 2 will participate in individual events.  Certificates will be awarded to the winner of each event per age group.  Skills competitions will begin immediately following the Parade of Teams. 
    • Individual Events - Home Run Derby, Fastest Pitcher, Touch 'Em All
    • Team Events - Outfield Accuracy and 'Round the Horn

    ·    Gift Swaps - A World Series tradition, each team is encouraged to bring a small souvenir(s) from their local area or hometown to present to all players on the other team before the start of the first game. This is a chance to show pride in your hometown and simply something each player will have in order to remember this World Series experience. Please do not spend a lot of money on this (we recommend approximately $5-$7 per bag price range - but it is entirely up to you)! Expect the opposing team to have 15 players.

      Pin Trading -   Pin Trading is fun! Don’t drop the ball!The Official Pin Trading Event will be open at Opening Ceremonies, and also near Registration during the tournament.  All interested players are invited to stop by the tent at their convenience to exchange pins with members of other teams. (Please note, pin trading is optional).  You are welcome to purchase pins wherever you wish.  However, we have worked with and our official pin manufacturer is Dragonaire Pins.

    ·    College Coaches - More than 200 Midwestern college coaches from all divisions will be invited to attend.

         Team Spirit Award - To enter the Team Spirit Competition, please submit a video (no longer than 1 minute) to the Fastpitch Showdowns Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook.  Then upload your video to our page.  Please indicate your team name and age group.   All submissions must be posted to Facebook by July 13.  Winning teams will receive a certificate at the Tournament.

        Most Valuable Team Award --  Also again this year, MVT awards will be given to qualified teams per age group based on academic success and civic involvement.  We truly believe there is more to softball than just winning games.  All MVT applications must be submitted by July 13.  The winners in each age group who meet or exceed the MVT criteria will receive a certificate at the World Series and will be announced at the Parade of Teams.

    ·    Souvenir Program - There will be a program for the World Series and all teams are invited to send their team picture and have it put in the program at no cost. Team photos must be submitted by June 30 to Bill Beckham via e-mail at  Good luck ads are also available at a reasonable cost.  Please submit your photos with the following qualifications:

    • JPEG file format
    • 300 dpi (or better)
    • Horizontal orientation
    • Good Luck Ads are also available.  Ads are available for $25 for 1/4 page or $50 for a 1/2 page.  Must be 30 words or less.  Any photos submitted must be in the above format. Good luck ad's must be prepaid by credit card.

    So we welcome the teams who wish to use this tournament as an enjoyable and competitive tournament experience to end the season. But we also welcome the teams who wish to use this tournament in preparation for another World Series.

    Tournament Information -
    • The 16U, 18U and 18+ divisions will be allowed to wear metal cleats on all fields including the turf fields.  Berliner Park has made this exception for our tournament.  HOWEVER BERLINER PARK DOES REQUIRE THAT ALL PITCHERS WHO PITCH ON TURF FIELDS (FIELDS 1, 4, 5, 10-17) CANNOT WEAR METAL CLEATS WHILE PITCHING.  TURF CLEATS, PLASTIC CLEATS, RUBBER CLEATS AND SNEAKERS ARE ALLOWED.
    • The City of Columbus and Berliner Park has implemented a "Heads in Beds" program for their Baseball, Fastpitch, and Adult Softball tournaments. They are doing it to more accurately reflect the number of visitors and participants they have in their various events, and the economic impact they have on the city. They use this information, and other information, in determining their funding from the City for improvements to the Park. This year the gathering of the proper information DIRECTLY affects the cost of the fields for us, which DIRECTLY affects the cost of your entry fee. To keep the entry fees at a minimum, we are doing the following --
    • All teams (except local teams) must go through our approved travel partner - Traveling Teams - to book their lodging in order to participate in the tournament. Traveling Teams eliminates all of the hassles that team managers endure when making hotel arrangements. They completely eliminate the time that comes with looking for the right hotels, seeking hotel availability, and the negotiation process. Along with all of that, they guarantee the best available group rate for the same type of room and accommodation to all participating teams.  On their web site they have a list of over 30 hotels, with varying prices and accommodations.  So you are almost sure to find one that fits your needs.  If you do not find a hotel that fits your needs, please click on their option to pick your own hotel and Traveling Teams will make every effort to include that hotel in their list of approved hotels.
    • A local team is considered to be within a 70 mile radius to the tournament fields. If you fall within that guideline, please confirm that with Traveling Teams. That information goes back to the City of Columbus for proper tracking purposes.
    • To request a block of rooms, please click on the link here. It is a very simple process that will only take you a few minutes.
    • After you have submitted your request, a team travel coordinator will get back with you further discuss your request.
    • Due to the increase in the amount of teams we have entering into the tournament, we feel Traveling Teams will be the best fit to help alleviate all of the headaches that come with booking hotels. Especially for the teams that are new to the tournament and new to traveling. The best part of this partnership will save you hours of time and money.

    • North American All Sanctioned World Series Rules - These are the rules from last year's tournament.  They will be substantively the same.  The major change is that this year, based on their pool play finish, the top half of each pool will go into the Platinum Bracket and the bottom half of each pool will go into the Gold Bracket.  These two brackets will not meet.  Final rules will be in the coach's packet which must picked up at registration at the start of the tournament.
    • Lou Berliner Park, 325 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus OH 43223 
      • We are proud to host the tournament at the Lou Berliner Park in Columbus, Ohio.  The complex is the largest in the United States, with 31 fields all in one location.  You do not have to park out in front and walk to the fields as the complex has adequate parking close to each field!!  Berliner Park and the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Department is proud of their reputation in the fastpitch community and continues to make improvements.  Among other things, they have 11 turf fields (called FieldTurf - the same surface that has been installed at the University of Louisville) which will make more turf fields than any single location in the Midwest. This will allow even more teams to play immediately after the rain stops.  It is the next step in their long range plan of continuous improvements to the Park.  In 2016, metal cleats will be allowed on both the turf and dirt fields at the 14U, 16U and 18U divisions - with the exception of pitchers on the turf fields.
    • At Fastpitch Showdowns, we believe in the safety of all players comes first.  All of our tournament staff is certified in the CDC Concussion Training Course.  Because we realize many coaches would like to be more knowledgable about the developments in this area, we are happy to provide a link to the FREE CDC Heads Up Online Concussion Training Course.  Hopefully you will find this beneficial and we encourage all those involved with fastpitch softball to use this valuable resource.

    Local Resources and Attractions
    • Teams Registered - Team lists will be updated on or about the 1st and 15th of the month beginning January 15th.
    • If, as in every previous year, the tournament sells out, all schedules and pools will be emailed to the coaches at least 30 days before the tournament.  If you believe you are registered for the tournament and you have not received the schedule by then, please let us know.