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NEW IN 2019 - Due to feedback we received from coaches as well as the Canton Sports Complex, we are no longer charging an individual admission fee at the gate for parents and fans.  We are collecting a flat admission fee of $175 ($225 CAD) per team.  The admission fee is a separate fee from the registration fee.  By registering for the tournament, you are agreeing to pay this admission fee.  We want to make the admission process as easy as possible for parents and fans, eliminate delays at the gate and continue to offer a low registration fee.

Welcome to the Motor City International Challenge Showdown!

June 28, 29 and 30, 2019

Fastpitch Showdowns is excited to announce that we will again host a "Player Development and Recruiting Clinic" at the Motor City International Challenge 5 Game Guarantee Showdown in 2019.  The clinic will take place Thursday June 27th from approximately 9am to 4pm. We will have college coaches and assistants in attendance to instruct the players on the skills that college coaches are looking for in potential recruits, followed in the afternoon by games coached by the college coaches (while still giving them instructions).  This concept is being done in other parts of the country, and we are proud to offer it to the players in the Midwest.  Players register to play a specific position in the Clinic.  Space is limited by position.  We will accept a maximum of 100 players in the Clinic - 24 @ Pitcher, 16 @ Catcher, 12 @ 1st Base, 12 @ 2nd Base, 12 @ Shortstop, 12 @ 3rd Base and 12 @ Outfield.  For additional preliminary information on the Clinic, please go to our Player Development and Recruiting Clinic Page.

  • Universities and Colleges registered to participate in the 2019 Clinic. 
    • Adrian College (MI)
    • Alverno College (WI)
    • Calvin College (MI)
    • Franciscan University (OH)
    • Goshen College (IN)
    • Lourdes University (OH)
    • Marietta College (OH)
    • Transylvania University (KY)

Universities and Colleges that participated in 2018
  • Albion College (MI), Calvin College (MI), Case Western Reserve University (OH), Franciscan University (OH), Lake Erie College (OH), Ohio Christian University (OH), Sienna Heights University (MI), Trinity College (IL), Ursuline College (OH), WVU Tech (WV)

Universities and Colleges that participated in 2017
  • Mount Joseph College, Eastern Michigan University, Transylvania University, Ohio Christian University, Gannon University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Valdosta State University, Calvin College, Siena Heights University, Bethany College, Norfolk State University

Universities and Colleges that participated in 2016
  • Mount Joseph College, Eastern Michigan University, Transylvania University, Ohio Christian University, Gannon University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Valdosta State University, Calvin College, Siena Heights University, Bethany College, Norfolk State University

Come join us for some fun and lots of softball over the weekend. And it will be at one of the nicest complexes in the state of Michigan. We will have 12u, 14u,16u and 18u divisions, and all teams will be guaranteed 5 games. As with all Fastpitch Showdowns, the pool play games will be 90 minutes long so you get a realistic chance to finish the game or at least get the feel for a full game. And with each team getting a minimum of 5 games, there will be plenty of enjoyable softball going on. Each team will play 4 games of pool play on Friday and Saturday and depending on how your team did in pool play, each team will be seeded into either the "A" or "B" single elimination tournament on Sunday.  Throughout the entire tournament, coaches can bat up to their entire lineup and freely substitute in the field.

Again this year we will have something a little different -- just for fun. Because of the number of Canadian teams we traditionally host at the tournament, we will continue to have a "United States vs. Canada" factor to the tournament. Every time a Canadian team plays a U.S. team in pool play, we will award one point to the winner. At the end of pool play we will add up the number of points for each country, and the country that has the most number of points will be declared that year's winner. We will have a large trophy that will have the winning country engraved on it, and will keep it at the restaurant until the following year. This isn't anything formal and the competitions will be random, but it's something we hope adds a little bit of fun and excitement to the tournament for the girls.  In 2015, Canada won the Cup.  In 2016 the United State won and in 2017 the Cup was won by the Canadians.  Last year the US won the Cup back!

As a courtesy to our neighbors to the north, all Canadian teams that register for the tournament, will be able to pay a discounted rate noted at the top of this page.  We know that any trip to the United States is expensive already with the exchange rate being what it is, and we are glad to help out a little bit. All 14u, 16u and 18u Canadian teams, please pay $350 with your credit card to register.  That will be considered payment in full and we will take care of the balance of the entry fee showing in your account from our end.

This is a USA Softball (formerly ASA Softball) Tournament.  If you do not already have it, USA Softball (formerly ASA Softball) Registration is available on site for $25 and is good for all of your USA Softball (formerly ASA Softball) tournaments for the rest of the 2019 season.  It is a simple process and takes about 3 minutes.

This is our 11th year doing this and we always enjoy working with Ann-Marie, Doug, and everyone else at the Canton Sports complex.

***********  EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 2019 *************

We are extending our offer of a one year membership to the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) to all coaches (at 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U) that have not received their complimentary one year membership from us previously and are not already NFCA members.  This is good for all of the coaches for any of our tournaments who register for our tournaments before April 1st.  We feel the NFCA is by far the best organization working to grow softball, and the benefits of a membership are many (click here for a list of benefits). Most importantly, we feel the many opportunities they offer to make you a better coach – drills, educational videos and books, instructional manuals, monthly tips, practice plans, coaches clinics, exclusive "Coaching Tools", etc. – will help grow the sport of softball in our area, and make your experience as a coach more effective and more enjoyable. As a coach you are a teacher first, and they offer the knowledge and experience for you to continue to grow. It is up to you to take advantage of what they offer, but we wanted to give all of the coaches that participate in our tournaments the opportunity to do so.

Your membership will be activated during the first 2 weeks of the month following your Fastpitch Showdown Tournament registration and will be good for 1 year.  We think that you will find the membership so beneficial that you will renew your membership on your own the following year.

Although this tournament is not oriented specifically towards college recruiting, because of the number of teams that participate in the tournament, college coaches always attend.  Usually we have dozens of college coaches throughout the weekend.  The exact number of college coaches will depend on how many players in the tournament contact college coaches of the schools they are interested in and invite them to come watch their team play.  At the college coaches' request, this year we are going to compile a player profile book for the college coaches in attendance.  Although it is not a requirement of the tournament, we certainly encourage all players who are possibly interested in playing in college to submit this form.  Because the college coaches want the most current information available, this form will not be posted on June 1st.  There is not cost to be listed in the book.  The form takes about 2 minutes to fill out and may be completed by individual players, coaches or managers.  In order to meet printing deadlines, submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm June 21st.

Tournament Information

  • Canton Sports Complex, 46555 West Michigan Ave., Canton, MI 48188
    • Motor City Showdown Rules Final rules will be in the coach's packet which must picked up at registration at the start of the tournament.
  • Due to feedback we received from coaches as well as the Canton Sports Complex, we are no longer charging an individual admission fee at the gate for parents and fans.  We are collecting a flat admission fee of $175 ($225 CAD) per team.  The admission fee is a separate fee from the registration fee.  By registering for the tournament, you are agreeing to pay this admission fee.  We want to make the admission process as easy as possible for parents and fans, eliminate delays at the gate and continue to offer a low registration fee.  Because this fee is separate from the registration fee, please send a check or money order to
    • Fastpitch Showdowns
    • 6540 W. Central Ave Suite C
    • Toledo, OH 43617
    • Please make sure to include your age group and team name
  • We cannot accept registration payments at this address.  Any team that does not submit their admission fee by May 1 will be removed from the tournament. 
    1. Click on the link above
    2. Scroll down to find the tournament you want to register for and click Enroll
      • If you have already created an account in 2018, sign in with your email and password
      • If you did not register for a tournament in 2018 or 2019, click Create a New Account
    3. If you are the Head Coach of the team you are registering, select yourself as the Enrollee.  If you are NOT the Head Coach of the team you are registering, click Add Enrollee and enter the Head Coach's information, then select that coach as the Enrollee. If you are registering multiple teams with different head coaches, you will add each coach as an Enrollee and then select that coach for each tournament you are registering them for.
    4. Enrollment Type is General
    5. Program - Select the tournament you want to register for
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    11. Read and agree to Terms and Conditions and click Done
    12. Fill out the Billing Information
      • If you want to pay in full, click Place Order
      • If you want to put down a non-refundable $100 deposit, click Partial Pay and then Place Order
  • Motor City Showdown Format - All teams will play 4 pool games. Each team will then be seeded in bracket play depending on their record. In age groups with 8 or more teams, the top half of each pool will go in to a Platinum bracket and will play a single elimination tournament. The lower half of each pool will go into a separate Gold division bracket and play a separate single elimination tournament. These brackets will NOT meet. The first and second place teams in each bracket will receive championship medals.  All teams will be able to bat their entire line-up and freely substitute in the field.  These rules and format are used to give the teams the opportunity to give the maximum number of players a chance to play. 
This year we have partnered with Traveling Teams to be our official hotel coordinator. We believe that their low price guarantee and personalized 24/7 support service offer the best service to our teams. We have decided with the number of out of town teams that attend this tournament, especially from Canada ( and with the current Canadian exchange rate), it would be in the best interest of the majority of our teams to partner with one hotel coordinator to assure we have adequate hotel room inventory, and that the rooms that are offered to our teams are at the lowest rate available. Plus this allows us to keep the tournament fee low as field costs and umpire fees continue to go up, and also assures us of having room accommodations for college coaches, officials, and other staff. For the above reasons we have made this a STAY TO PLAY tournament for out of town teams (more than 75 miles away). Please do not book your hotel through any other travel agent and do not contact the hotel directly. 

To request a block of rooms, you can CLICK HERE - to access the reservation webpage for the weekend or you may contact Traveling Teams at 800-430-1159. 
They will have someone available 24 hours a day to handle any problems you may have, before or during your stay. 

Traveling Teams has guaranteed the lowest rates available at these specific hotels, and they also have an option to select a hotel that you prefer if you don't find one suitable on their list. They will work their hardest to get you the best rate available at that hotel.

Thanks again for your understanding.

  • At Fastpitch Showdowns, we believe in the safety of all players comes first.  Whether that safety comes in the form of creating a positive experience for players, coaches and volunteers or by offering concussion certification, Fastpitch Showdowns is proud to offer access to training programs.  Please see our offerings below.
    • Team USA SafeSport Training - As a member of USA Softball (formerly ASA Softball) you have access to critical information to help keep every program safe.  Athletes will perform better, soar higher, and get more from sport if they feel safe. Misconduct threatens that safety, and it can happen in every sport and at every competitive level. This SafeSport online training program teaches you about the nature of misconduct in sport: how to recognize it, how to prevent it and how to take action. The information in this course will help to keep sport a positive experience for every athlete, coach and volunteer.
    • CDC Concussion Training Course - Because we realize many coaches would like to be more knowledgeable about the developments in this area, we are happy to provide a link to the FREE CDC Heads Up Online Concussion Training Course.  Hopefully you will find this beneficial and we encourage all those involved with fastpitch softball to use this valuable resource.

  • Teams Registered - For the most up to date list of teams, please click on the Pools link at the top of the page.
  • If, as in every previous year, the tournament sells out, all schedules and pools will be emailed to the coaches at least 30 days before the tournament.  If you believe you are registered for the tournament and you have not received the schedule by then, please let us know.
  • If you have any questions about this tournament, please contact us at