Motor Player Development and Recruiting Clinic

Clinic Highlights
  • Athlete to College Coach Ratio will not exceed is 8:1 (ie there will be at least 1 college coach for every 8 players) in order to allow the most individual instruction
  • All players will go through an intense position-specific defensive workout
  • All players will receive personalized hitting instruction in tee work, soft toss and batting practice formats
  • All players may purchase a video of their batting practice including verbal college coach instruction
  • All players will be tested on NFCA-determined measurables (think NFL Combine for fastpitch).  Raw data will be accessible the next day and will be sent digitally to all college coaches in attendance.
    • 20 Yard Dash
    • Agility (5-10-5)
    • Overhand Velocity
    • Batting Measurables
    • Grip Strength
    • Vertical Jump
  • All players will be seen by multiple schools in game situations
  • All players will be featured in a Player Profile Program that will be distributed to all college coaches in attendance
  • All players and parents will get a question and answer period with college coaches
  • We will accept a maximum of 100 players into this camp - 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 graduating classes only
  • Space is limited by position - 24 @ Pitcher, 16 @ Catcher, 12 @ 1st Base, 12 @ 2nd Base, 12 @ Shortstop, 12 @ 3rd Base, 12 @ Outfield

To find out additional information and to sign up for the Clinic, please go to our registration web site