National Fastpitch Coaches Association - NFCA

The National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) is the professional growth organization for fastpitch softball coaches from all competitive levels of play.

The idea for a softball coaching association first developed from discussions at the National Collegiate Women's Softball Championships in the early 1980s. Although mostly collegiate coaches comprised the organization's membership in the early days, today's college coaches are joined by high school and travel ball/club coaches, umpires, as well as other fans of fastpitch softball. In 1997, the Association's membership reached the 2,000 mark, and today there are more than 4,100 members.

Besides services offered to the membership, the NFCA works with USA Today in producing polls for NCAA Division I and high school softball. In addition, NCAA Division II and Division III polls are produced. The NFCA also conducts collegiate tournament competitions, as well as recruiting camps throughout the nation. An annual NFCA National Convention is held every December.


The purposes of this Association shall be:

1.To stimulate the development of quality leadership for fastpitch softball programs, and to recognize professional contributions to the sport by:

a.Keeping members informed of current coaching techniques and trends.

b.Providing national and international educational training for fastpitch softball coaches.

c.Encouraging, supporting, and providing guidance in the development and conduct of fastpitch softball programs whose purposes correlate with the general objectives of education.

d.Instilling within coaches a deep sense of responsibility for developing and conducting programs that will enrich the lives of the participants.

2.To encourage the playing of fastpitch softball in accordance with the highest traditions of competition.

3.To foster national and international amateur fastpitch softball competition.

4.To facilitate public and professional understanding and appreciation of the importance and value of the sport of fastpitch softball.

5.To identify and pursue issues relevant to fastpitch softball coaches and to the sport of fastpitch softball; and to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of interest to members of the Association.

6.To provide a channel of direct communication among fastpitch softball coaches at all educational levels.

7.To maintain a membership group representative of all sections of the United States, and all levels of fastpitch softball competition.

8.To organize the coaches as a group interested in formulating and promoting guiding principles, standards, and policies for conducting competitive fastpitch softball programs for girls and women; and to provide a united body for positive action relative to the sport of fastpitch softball.

9.To promote cooperative efforts with other professional organizations similarly interested in the ultimate development of fastpitch softball programs and opportunities for fastpitch softball players.

10.To promote cooperative efforts with other professional organizations interested in girls' and women÷s athletics (programs, coaches, and players).