North American All Sanctioned World Series Team Fundraiser Information

North American All Sanctioned World Series Team Fundraiser

As we all know the economy has been challenging this year and many of your players may be having trouble raising their team fee.  Everyone wants all the girls to be able to play ball, so Fastpitch Showdowns has put together a no-cost, optional team fundraiser for each of our tournaments.  Again this is strictly voluntary and is not required to enter the tournament – but it is available to those teams who wish to use it.

It is very simple.  Each team that enters the tournament receives the fundraising tickets via email.  Fundraiser tickets will be sent out after December 1.  We previously mailed out hard tickets to each team but the cost of printing and shipping made the fundraiser unsustainable.  Each team will be emailed a PDF with 200 tournament specific fundraiser tickets.  You can print the tickets black and white on your own computer or take them to a print shop and print them in color on card stock.  Whatever financially makes more sense for your team.  Then it is up to the team to disperse them how they wish.  The tickets will be good for a drawing on the Saturday July 27th for a Grand Prize of $3000 and dozens of secondary monetary prizes depending on the number of teams that participate.  We suggest a selling price of $10 per ticket although the teams can sell them at any price they see fit.  The team will then give us $3 and the ticket stub for each ticket sold at the tournament registration.  Ticket stubs turned in will then be placed in the drawing.  The tickets not sold are simply thrown away.  It does not matter if you sell 2 tickets or all 200 tickets. Again there is no cost or obligation on team’s part except for the tickets sold.  And with a 70/30 split it will allow the teams to raise additional money and at the same time allow us to cover the prizes and expenses.  Just to do the math real quick, if your team sells all 200 tickets you keep $1400 and give us 200 ticket stubs and $600 at tournament registration to be used for prizes.  That’s it! (If you only sell 100 tickets, you still keep $700 and give us 100 ticket stubs and $300 at tournament registration to be used for prizes, etc).  In order to prevent teams from selling an unlimited number of tickets, we will track how many tickets are turned in from your team.  A team will not be permitted to turn in more than 200 sold ticket stubs.

Although the primary reason for the fundraiser is to give the economically challenged players a way to offset their fees and allow them to participate, the money raised can be used however a team sees fit – travel expenses, other tournament entry fees, a team outing, etc.  But it helps the player spread the cost of playing over friends, relatives and neighbors – or even strangers!  Plus the girls will learn the value of earning something for themselves and not only relying on their parents.

We have set the grand prize based on the number of teams that entered the tournament last year and we certainly expect there to be more prizes than just the grand prize.  But to get this off the ground and give the players a chance to raise some money, we will personally guarantee the grand prize no matter how many teams participate.  We have limited each team to 200 tickets per tournament so there is some control over the total possible number of tickets sold.

Thanks and once again the participation, or the degree of participation, is completely optional to each team in the tournament.  If you have any questions whatsoever, certainly feel free to contact Ash at