16+ World Series Opening Ceremonies
The Opening Ceremonies will start Thursday, July 16 at 2:00PM at Berliner Park. The Parade of Teams will start at 2:00PM followed by the Skill Competitions (approximately 2:30pm). The All Star Games will start at approximately 5:00PM.  Opening Ceremonies, Parade of Teams and Skills Competitions will be at Fields #10-13. The fields for the All Star Games will be determined in June. In order to set up the Opening Ceremonies, the gates to the Fields #10-13 will not be open until 1:00PM.  Tournament Check-in will also be at Field #10-13 following the Parade of Teams and remain open until 5:00pm. Tournament Check-in will reopen at 6:30am on Friday at Tournament Headquarters under the tents across from Field #7.
Opening Ceremony Registrations

For logistical reasons, we request that teams pre-register. No names needed, just number of participants per event.

Parade of Teams

We ask all team participating in the Parade of Teams to be at the fields by 1:45PM. 

Skills Competitions

All teams are invited to participate in our Skills Competition events.  Teams are permitted 2 entries per individual event and 1 entry per team event.  

Tentative Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for the Opening Ceremonies. This schedule is subject to change based on participation.