Friday 8:00pm Update

The schedule for Saturday games is posted below.  No other Saturday schedule is valid.  Every team should have been scheduled all 4 of their pool play games between today's play and tomorrow's schedule.  All Saturday games will have a time limit of 1 hour from scheduled start time, finish the inning with drop dead at 1 hour and 10 minutes.  AGAIN, THERE WILL BE NO BRACKET PLAY SATURDAY.  BRACKET PLAY WILL START SUNDAY MORNING!  Sunday's brackets and format will be posted at headquarters at approximately 3:00pm, depending on the weather.

Thanks once again for your flexibility, understanding and patience!

14U North American World Series Revised Saturday Schedule

Drop Dead Rule

Friday 4:00pm Update

The schedule for the final games Friday is posted below.  All teams should have played 1 pool play game today with the exception of Pool HH.  We just were not able to squeeze them in and didn't want teams playing past midnight.  We will try to schedule 4 pool games for Pool HH tomorrow.  We will attempt to get 3 pool play games Saturday for the teams that played today.  Saturday's schedule will be available tonight after 8pm.  The previous Saturday schedule is invalid.  THERE WILL BE NO BRACKET PLAY SATURDAY.  BRACKET PLAY WILL START SUNDAY MORNING!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding!

14U North American World Series Schedule - FRIDAY PART 3

Friday 1:00pm Update

Below is the schedule for the Friday 3:45pm, 5:00pm and 6:15pm games.  Due to the weather and uncertainty of if or when we will get the dirt fields back today, the evening schedule will not be released until 4:00pm.  Our goal is to get every team 1 game today.  If you did not play a game yet today and are not on the schedule - FRIDAY TURF PART 2 - below, you will not play before 7:30pm today.

All Friday games will now have a 1 hour time limit from scheduled start time, finish the inning and drop dead at 1 hour and 10 minutes. 

We know frustrating the weather makes things and thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to do what is best for all teams.

Friday 10:30am Update

All originally scheduled 12:00pm games on the turf fields are still scheduled to be played at 12:00pm Friday.  All Friday games will now have a 1 hour time limit from scheduled start time, finish the inning and drop dead at 1 hour and 10 minutes.  The first 3 rounds of games are posted below.  If you are not listed, you will not play on Friday before 3:45pm.  The remainder of Friday's schedule will be posted by 1pm.

Friday 9:30am Update

Due to the tremendous storm and the continuing rain, all Friday 8:00am, 8:15am, 8:30am and 10:15am games on all fields are cancelled.   All 12:00pm games on the turf fields (1, 4, 5, 10-17) are being played as scheduled.  All 12:00pm games on all other fields are cancelled.

We will post another update at 10:30am.

Friday 8:15am Update

All 8:00am, 8:15am and 8:30am games are currently on a weather delay.  Per ASA rules, we cannot resume play until 30 minutes after the last lightning or thunder.

All 10:15am and later games are currently scheduled to start on time.



  • 14U North American World Series Schedule - This schedule is preliminary.  The final schedule will be posted and updated at headquarters.
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***********  EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 2017 *************

This year we're very excited to announce something new for all Fastpitch Showdown tournaments. This year we have reached an agreement with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association  (NFCA)  to offer all coaches (at 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U) who sign up for a Fastpitch Showdowns tournament before April 1st and who are not already NFCA members, a complimentary one-year trial membership in NFCA !  We feel the NFCA is by far the best organization working to grow softball, and the benefits of a membership are many (click here for a list of benefits). Most importantly, we feel the many opportunities they offer to make you a better coach – drills, educational videos and books, instructional manuals, monthly tips, practice plans, coaches clinics, exclusive "Coaching Tools", etc. – will help grow the sport of softball in our area, and make your experience as a coach more effective and more enjoyable. As a coach you are a teacher first, and they offer the knowledge and experience for you to continue to grow. It is up to you to take advantage of what they offer, but we wanted to give all of the coaches that participate in our tournaments the opportunity to do so.

Your membership will be activated during the first 2 weeks of the month following your Fastpitch Showdown Tournament registration and will be good for 1 year.  The idea is that you will find the membership so beneficial that you will renew your membership on your own the following year.

We are excited to announce our 2017 Tournament schedule.  We appreciate everyone's support in the past and look forward to seeing you at the fields this coming year.  Below is our list of tournaments for the 2017 season.  Additional information for each specific tournament is available by clicking on the links.  Certainly if you have any questions on any of the tournaments, feel free to contact us.  After October 1st, registrations will be accepted online with either payment in full or a $100 deposit. The balance for all tournaments is due May 1, 2017.  We also accept credit cards for those that prefer this method.  Thanks once again and hope to see you in 2017.
  • June 9-11 -- Mountaineer Showdown -- Parkersburg, West Virginia - (10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u )
    • 10u - 4GG - $450  / 12u-18u - 5GG - $495
  • June 30 - July 2 -- Gem City Showdown -- Dayton - (8u, 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u, 18+ )
    • All Teams 5GG - 8u and 18+ - $460 / 10u-18 - $485

We have been involved with fastpitch for over 20 years and have seen it grown from its infancy to one of the largest women's participation team sports in the country. The theme of all of our tournaments is fun, friendship and good competitive softball. Our tournaments also benefit the our sister organization Fastpitch for the Cure, as we believe it is important that the girls are aware that there are things more important than softball. We sincerely invite you to join us, and if you do or do not, always enjoy the game of fastpitch softball.

Fastpitch Showdowns...Let the games begin!

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...  But the world may be different because I coached and was important in the life of a girl."