8-12U World Series Opening Ceremonies
The Opening Ceremonies will start Thursday July 30 at Berliner Park on Fields #10-13. In order to set up for the event, gates to Fields #10-13 will not open until 11:30AM. Because of the Logistics of putting nearly 2000 girls thru the skills competitions, and the fact we did not want players and parents sitting around for 2-3 hours waiting for their turn to do them, the 8U and 10U skills contests will be before the parade of teams. The Skill Competitions for 8U and 10U Teams ONLY will begin at 12:00PM. Skill Competitions for 8U and 10U Teams will be finished by 1:30PM.  The Parade of Teams for ALL TEAMS - 8U, 10U and 12U - will begin at 2:00PM. We ask all teams participating in the Parade to be at the fields by 1:30PM. The Skill Competitions for the 12U Teams ONLY will begin immediately following the Parade (approximately 2:45PM). Tournament Check-in will also be at Field #10-13 following the Parade of Teams and remain open until 5:00pm. Tournament Check-in will reopen at 6:30AM on Friday at Tournament Headquarters under the tents across from Field #7.
Opening Ceremony Registrations

For logistical reasons, we request that teams pre-register

Parade of Teams

We ask all team participating in the Parade of Teams to be at the fields by 1:30PM.  

Skills Competitions

All teams are invited to participate in our Skills Competition events. Teams are permitted 2 entries per individual event and 1 entry per team event.

Tentative Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for the tournament. This schedule is likely to change and coaches can pick up a schedule the day of the tournament.