We welcome the teams who wish to use this tournament as an enjoyable and competitive tournament experience to end the season. If it's not fun, what's the point? As with all aspects of our events, the traditions are subject to restrictions by federal, state and local health departments. We will keep you updated as we get closer to the event.
Gift Swap

This is a chance to show pride in your hometown. We recommend approximately $5-$7 per bag price range. Expect the opposing team to have 15 players. Bags will be exchanged at your first game of the tournament.

Pin Trading

The Official Pin Trading Event will be open at Opening Ceremonies.  All interested players are invited to stop by the tent at their convenience to exchange pins with members of other teams.

Games in the Fun Zone (at 14U and 8U, 10U, 12U WS only)

Other skill games will be available for the girls to participate in between games including (but not limited to) dunk take, hula hoops, croquet, cornhole, ladderball, tug of war ropes, and team jump ropes. There is no cost to use anything in the Fun Zone.

Team Spirit Award

To enter the Team Spirit Competition, please submit a video (no longer than 1 minute) to the Fastpitch Showdowns Facebook page. Please indicate your team name and age group. All submissions must be posted to the Fastpitch Showdowns Facebook page by July 7.

Click here for our Facebook Page.

MVT Award

We truly believe there is more to softball than just winning games.  All MVT applications must be submitted by July 7.  Winners will be given a certificate at during the tournament.

Souvenir Program

All teams are invited to send their team picture and have it put in the program at no cost. Please click the link below for more information.